• Barbara K.

The 9.11.2016

When you think things can only get better, something like this turns the whole future into one big puzzle.

Donald Trump has been elected as the 45. president of the USA. And the world is shocked. Naive as we are, we should never underestimate the power of the mass.

The symbolism of the dates is too obvious to be overseen. The 11.9. has become a big milestone in the history of the USA and so will the 9.11. 2016.

Donald Trump might be an asshole, and he clearly is an open homophobe and a loud racist.

However, he will somehow make a change. And, as he promised, make America great again. Whatever that means.

Let's wait and see. And hope he will not try to change/destroy the world, but rather that the world will change him.

God save America!

And good luck to Melania, won't be an easy one!

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