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The time is UP!

Normally I wouldn't care, but Golden Globes attracted my attention this year again.

The fact is, this isn't only about awards, this is political. Actually, this is even better than that.

And ... women rule it!

In Hollywood stars were wearing black this year to honor victims of sexual abuse. Year of 2017 was the year of #metoo and Hollywood was in centre of it.

But It all started with Meryl Streep last year. Amazing and strong speech, directed to the man who just took the most powerful sit in the country. She referred to an event when he mocked a disabled reporter in a most disgraced and tasteless way. She attacked him with style and empathy. He hit back with all sorts of weapons, but... she certainly made a change. This was the beginning of his end. It might, however, take a while.

This year, Oprah stoled the show. Not only by wearing black, calling for a new day on the horizon and telling the world that The time is up! She became the first black woman ever to win the Cecil B DeMille lifetime achievement award and used her acceptance speech to give a searing rebuke of racial injustice, sexual abuse, and attacks on the integrity of the press.

Amen, Oprah.

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