Born in the mid-seventies in Trbovlje, in that time very industrial town in Slovenia. Studied at the University of Ljubljana (Sociology and Journalism).


The first international experience came after high school at LORA, local radio in Zurich, a training course of alternative radio journalism. Later on, I worked as a moderator, journalist and an editor for the National Radio Slovenia – Val 202.


In 2005 moved to Berlin, spent a year as a fellow at the Freie Universität (EJF - Europäische Journalisten Fellowships at the Institut für Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft) and...fall in love with the city. I tested my communications skills as a journalist, reporter, guide, translator and as a project manager and editor at Da Vinci Media

In the past years I have worked as a freelance media consultant, press trips coordinator, and project manager in Brussels, mostly with the European Journalism Centre (EJC).

From 2017 to 2019 part of the REMINDER project, EU research around migration across the EU, led by the University of Oxford. In the role of EJC's project manager in research on media practices. (See published papers here).

In 2018 I was also working on Summits and Academies, international media innovation events and training, organized by the European Journalism Centre in cooperation with Google News Initiative.

I am interested in issues concerning sustainable development, migrations, equal opportunities and human rights. But most of all, I closely follow all challenges around the future of independent, innovative and ethical journalism. Also, always keeping an eye on media freedom and democracy issues, with particular focus on Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

I love my mother language - Slovenian, I am however also fluent in English, German, Serbo - Croat and have an advanced level of French. 

I have expertise in journalism, a good overview of the European media, experiences in communication management, project coordination, creative writing, editing, and some professional experience in marketing.

One chapter of my career has just closed, and I am looking forward to new opportunities!