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  • Barbara Kuznik

The night of horror

Friday the 13th of November 2015.

The night of horror in Paris. 129 victims and many more hurt. Millions of frightened and angry people.

What has happened to this world? Where do we go and what are we going to leave behind?

It is like having a bad dream and being aware, we will never weak up.

If I am scared?

I live in Brussels, apparently one of the most terrorist-friendly cities.

I see this as a paradox of the modern world. And yes, this scares me like hell!

I might be naive, but i still believe and i still imagine....and i hope i am not the only one!

This guy, who pulled his piano with a bike up to rue Richard Lenoir, ten meters from the Bataclan, where just the night before the scene of the bloodiest act happened - is my hero.

I am speechless every time I watch this video...

... just imagine!

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