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Breaking the record

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The first presidential debate: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump - the most watched televised debate in history(according to Independent), after the 1980 debate between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter.

Despite this record, the question is, whether the Americans will go out and vote? And what does this combat have to do with the American reality and the American dream?

“Words matter when you run for president, and they really do matter when you are president," Clinton said. "I think Donald just criticised me for preparing for this debate. And yes I did. You know what else I did? I prepared to be president,” she added.

I think Hilary Clinton has been ready for this role for years. But it's not up to her whether this will be the final result of the presidential elections in November.

I wish her good luck!

Despite being a Slovenian, I don't really want to see Melania Trump (ex.Melanija Knavs) as the first lady of the USA. Bill on the other side, would be perfect.

And Trump? Exactly, no need to spend time and space on him.

Save the Day campaign is one of the campaigns against Trump - and to get people out to vote. It is kind of funny and intriguing at the same time ... and I like it.

Would vote, if I could!:)

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