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My discovery of the year: Newsmavens

The NEWS WORLD is run by men, the Newsmavens is run by women.

Because women represent only on average 27% of top management in European news rooms, and because the reporting on Europe has become exclusive to English speaking countries, they aim to curate news about current events from EACH EU COUNTRY from the under-represented, female perspective.

As they say, they want answers to some burning questions, such as: does gender imbalance in newsroom management affect how the story of modern Europe is told? Will hand-picked and intelligently justified news recommendations create global interest? And finally, will collaboration be the next disruption for the news industry? We don't know. Yet.

They compile a daily recap of the most important news from Europe and a weekend review of the most relevant stories. Every now and then they catch up with an international woman of influence and ask her to tell stories that matter most.

Brave and excellent European journalists, that are already making a change!

As for example the Hungarian journalist Ivett Korosi writing about Human rights in 2017: A slap in the face: "Reading the Declaration of Human Rights today is like getting slapped in the face. We have drifted dangerously far from that ideal. Can we stop mankind from repeating its gravest mistakes?"

In this decisive times when journalism has been challenged with it's own negative self-perception and lacking trust in the media on the other side, collaboration of writers and reports is crucial.

Of all the fake things around journalism, the gender equality is still the most misleading.

With NEWSMAVENS women choose the news and set a different agenda.

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